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Tre Ponti

Tre Ponti Adjustable Harness - Pink Camo

Tre Ponti Adjustable Harness - Pink Camo

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Here’s the thing about living in South Carolina. You’ve got to be prepared to move. Like when a storm is coming, and it’s high tide, and you’re out jogging by the salt marsh. Or when there’s a last minute opening on the wait list for Halls’ gospel brunch. Or Topo Chico is finally back in stock at Publix.

That’s why we swear by the Tre Ponti harness around here. You can put it on your dog in seconds, so you’re always ready to go. It’s also light weight and extremely comfortable— don’t be surprised if you notice your dog has some extra pep in their step next time you’re out hunting for lizards or chasing seagulls on the beach.

Another thing— the Tre Ponti harness is water resistant, and super easy to clean. If you get caught in the rain, you just toss it in the wash when you get home, leave it out to dry, and you’re ready for your next adventure.

Other Details:

This adjustable harness is truly simple and easy: just step in with the front feet, up over the shoulders, and snap! It’s that easy and that fast to put on and take off.  In addition, the harness is extremely versatile, extremely lightweight, and has a stylish design with impermeable, hypoallergenic material and reflective trim.  The adjustable strap that goes under the 'belly' (under the chest) can open and close, which allows the harness to fit even those pets with a small neck and big chest. The harness is accommodating and comfortable! 

The harness is elegant in its simplicity, with plenty of room for complete freedom of movement. Not bulky or complicated, but just right.

Other features: 

- Glides over fur and does not easily collect hairs
- Proprietary multi-layer material won't absorb odors or moisture 
- Weather resistant rings 
- Easy to clean

How to Measure

The chest girth is the circumference of your pet's chest. Follow these steps to get the best measurement:

  1. Use a soft tape measure, such as one used for sewing projects.
  2. Measure the girth about 1 or 2 inches behind the front legs.
  3. Take a SNUG measurement! 
  4. If you don't have a soft tape, you can use yarn or string to get the length.
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