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All-Weather Leash: Coastal Grey

All-Weather Leash: Coastal Grey

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The "it" leash for beach days and rainy weather! This durable, water-proof leash allows you to experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.  It's dirt and odor resistant, easy-to-clean, and made with  sturdy hardware.  

And when it's time for a quick pit stop or tie-up, the double-hook design allows for easy and secure fastening. No more fumbling with knots or struggling to keep your pup in place. The double-hook design also allows for two adjustable leash lengths.  The all-weather leash comes in a beautiful coastal grey color and includes a small pineapple embedded near the first hook, a Covey Collection exclusive.

This all-weather leash resists dirt and odors and will keep performing after even the muddiest and sandiest outdoor adventures.

Strap Width: 3/4"
Full length of leash: 6'
Length of leash when shortened: 3'

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